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Outlet plug covers are safety additions that help prevent electrical shocks from uncovered electrical outlets, which can cause accidents and injuries. Water splash, temperature (hot and cold), temperature changes (freezing), and weather are all hazards from which electric plug covers protect power outlets. Read More…

Plug Covers Plug covers provide protection against hazards such as electrical shock that result from uncovered electrical outlets. In addition, plug covers protect the electrical outlets from environmental hazards such as water, heat, and cold weather.
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Our customers find we have the highest standards when it comes to quality, and delivery. Quail Electronics is a worldwide power cord supplier, offering power cords and various other products.

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Voltec Power & Lighting is a manufacturer of appliance cord sets, electronic cord sets, interconnects, power supply cords and custom molded cable assemblies for the OEM markets. We are ISO 2002 registered. No matter what your industry or application, Voltec has the power supply for you.

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Types of Plug Covers

The types of plug covers include:

Dummy Plugs

Electrical outlets should be childproofed for safety reasons. They keep the inside of 2- or 3-prong NEMA 1-15R power socket outlets clean, dust-free, and safe. In addition, outlet covers should meet agency compliance and UL flammability rating and provide a secure fit to safeguard female power outlets.

Examples of dummy plugs include:

  • Actual plugs or caps that slot into outlet plate holes.
  • A self-closing cover design that glides open when the outlet is to be used.
  • A box outlet cover type is constantly plugged in until the outlet is used.

The most popular type of safety cover is one that is tamper-proof and designed to keep newborns and small children safe from outlets that may shock them. Dummy plugs may be attractive, but they should all be too large for a young child to choke on, difficult to remove for a young child, and replaced with a new safety cover when removed to use the outlet.

dummy plug covers

Weatherproof Plugs and Plates

Weatherproof plugs and plates are gasketed, self-closing, and regularly utilized in moist or damp settings. Low-profile, box-mounted waterproof panels protect them from fine particle penetration and splashing. Weatherproof plugs are non-corrosive and constructed of a robust, sealed substance.

plug cover

Plugs and Plates With Twist-Lock

These plugs and plates are intended to reduce the number of disconnections. For convenient connection, one-piece locking plugs, connectors, and receptacles terminate wiring.

Dust-Resistant Caps

Dust-resistant caps protect female DC power jacks and male DC power plugs against physical harm, filth, dust, grime, and liquids with a secure fit.

Materials Used to Make Plug Covers

Stainless steel, zinc die-cast aluminum, and commercial grade thermoplastic elastomers such as ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA), polyethylene (PE), and polypropylene (PP) are often used in the manufacture of plug socket covers. Each material is designed for applications requiring specialized environmental and weather resistance and safety features.

  • Stainless steel is chemically resistant and anti-corrosive.
  • Commercial grade (zinc die cast) aluminum is a highly oxidation-resistant industrial material with good electrical and thermal conductivity.
  • Thermoplastic elastomer (EVA) is a type of thermoplastic elastomer that is exceptionally flexible and resistant to cracking at low temperatures.
  • Polyethylene (PE), a typical industrial thermoplastic, has better electrical characteristics but has a lower temperature resistance.
  • Polypropylene (PP) is one of few materials with exceptional bi-axial strength, cold flow, and yield elongation.
  • When enhanced chemical resistance to chemicals such as oils and hydrocarbons is required, less common natural rubber and styrene butadiene (SBR) materials are utilized.

Applications of Plug Covers

  • Plug Covers for Safety in the Home: They could have a smooth, non-grip shape that blends in with most ordinary outlets and decor, making them less noticeable to children. Most are made to fit into three-prong electrical duplex outlets that aren't in use. Automatic closure is a feature of sliding outlet cover designs. Most auto-close safety plug covers have single-screw thermoseal gaskets that save electricity.
  • Indoor Electric Plug Covers: They protect exposed electrical outlets and plugs, whether or not they are in use. They're also used to keep electric plugs from slipping out of outlet sockets or getting crushed behind closed doors and furniture. The tamper-proof outlet plugs are large enough to accommodate a nightlight. They are childproof, with an almost indestructible plastic housing.
  • Non-Shrouded Locking Connectors of Industrial Grade: They're usually made of tough rubber or thermoplastic materials that can withstand impact and abrasion. Antimicrobial additives are used in industrial-grade models to help prevent microbial development and contamination. Industrial-grade locking connections are usually grounded and can be re-wired for numerous applications with ease.
  • Non-Shrouded Locking Connectors of Marine Grade: These are made with non-corrosive materials and a ribbed nylon housing that is impact and crush resistant. Stainless steel shrouds protect the plug blades. Connector/device compatibility is ensured via chrome-plated brass nosepieces.

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